Wild Berry Wayfaring

(Joanna Owens –this one’s especially for you, & for all the other “kids” I berried with who are now berrying with kids of their own.)

Next to shaking out sand from beach towels, few things say summer to a kid (and to me)  like setting out on a high-spirited adventure in search of wild berries.


The simple act goes beyond sustenance to benefiting the soul. Something in our DNA just seems to resonate with foraging for our food.

You set out with your bucket in the cool of the morning on a sun-dappled, Pinterest-perfect day — the kind that makes you want to blow an air kiss to the sky —  in search of the ripest, juiciest, & plumpest of specimens.


Along the way, you mind-taste their sweet-tart flavor & pucker up in anticipation.


You brave the elements & beat the birds to the bounty. Even the thorny briers that stand guard can’t keep you from the fruits of your edible treasure hunt.


As the splurting (Pretty sure I just made that word up & cannot vouch for it on the Scrabble board.) juice of the berries bleeds into your picking fingers, the only deterrent keeping you from eating every last little crimson jewel as soon as you pluck them is the race to see who can gather the most.



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Whether your bounty is blackberries or raspberries, you need not be sold on their high fiber & low sugar content, their soaring antioxidant capacity or the fact that they’re “organically” grown.  No, no, no. All you care about is that burst of sweet juicy flavor.


Straight from the vine, you pick ‘em, pop ‘em & eat ‘em. Or bring ‘em home to pie ‘em, jam ‘em or freeze ‘em.


Berrying until your heart’s content for a little taste of la dolce vitathe sweet life of summer.


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