Eyes that squint to make room for a big laugh.  LOVE.                          Picture courtesy of Kasey Ficara 

You cannot hold back a good laugh any more than you can the tide. Both are forces of nature.


William Rotsler



There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter.


Charles Dickens




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Amusement.  Glee.  Hilarity.  Merriment.  Mirth.  Oh, the delirious pleasure & pain of irrepressible laughter.

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Laughter, according to the Oxford dictionary is defined as a spasmodic utterance, facial distortion and shaking of the sides.


How apropos.


Laughter is often referred to as the inner body workout & when we encourage someone to “laugh it off” we just might be dispensing sound medical advice.


After all, it’s known to boost circulation & immune function, protect our heart muscles, decrease stress hormones, release endorphins, juice-up our antibodies, & improve neurochemistry. But let’s face it that’s not why we do it.


You know how it goes. Someone or something just tickles that funny bone of yours provoking a cascade of chortles, chuckle-filled romps & leg-slapping guffaws. Then there’s the granddaddy giggle of them all where you laugh until you snort, cry, or fall prey to a temporary case of urinary incontinence.


According to those who keep track of such things, the typical young child laughs over 400 times a day and an average adult a paltry 15.


Since laughter boasts a high level of contagion (similar to the tendency to yawn), to up the ante on wild hilarity, may I suggest we catch-up with the kids by surrounding ourselves with our very own high-quality sources of laughter? Yup, hang out with laughers.

Making Uncertainty an Ally

Like my friend Anna whose exuberant laugh wraps itself around you like a great big hug. There was a time when people tried to quiet her laugh into something they considered more "lady-like."  She didn’t listen. Boy, am I glad!

Lovin' the Town You're With


Being Part of Someone's First



A career chortler or a never-one-to-resist-a-laugh kind of friend makes for a boon companion because they never allow you to take yourself or the current predicament you find yourself in too serious.

My niece Shana is like that. I call her Patch Adams because of her unique capacity to comfort and make you laugh at the same time — a gift she employs daily while working with dialysis patients. Because laughter really is the best medicine.

My Biz

My friend John is also like that. His signature over-the-top antics & rabble-rousing wit provided my husband & me much-needed comic relief after a significant health scare. (Even in this picture, he’s smiling the smile of a man who’s hatching a plot for a practical joke.)

Then there’s my sister Jayne & her family. The coin of their realm is comedy & any one of the five members could hold their own as a stand-up comic.


Even the youngest—at five years of age—during a visit to Regent University thought nothing of leaning over & confiding in the president of the college that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. (In case you’re wondering, her mom forgot to pack a pair in her suitcase.)


Like us all, the Boggs family has had their share of ups & downs  over the years, but they’ve always stuck together & never stopped laughing. Their fun-seeking, hilarity-bringing, story-telling shtick is a gift to the world that makes people laugh even when they want to cry.

True confession: I used to be a discriminating laugher. But since realizing that seriousness is not the virtue I once thought it was, I try to laugh at anything even remotely funny.


And whenever I find myself in situations that fall under the heading of no laughing matter, it seems even more imperative to discover a way back to laughter again. There's nothing quite like humor to diffuse fearful inner dialogue, transform perception & make a way for grace.


Whatever our problem or challenge may be, we can afford to laugh. Because we are forever & it is temporary.


When  someone makes us laugh it engenders instant positive feelings. Have you noticed that laughter acts like social glue that can make immediate friends of perfect strangers, even in a grocery line?


Just hearing someone else snorting and gasping endears us to them & primes us to see whatever present circumstances we find ourselves in from a more humorous angle.



 Seeing the humor in the ridiculousness of life is good for the soul.



And here’s how to really have the last laugh: You wake up the morning after a rollicking good time all haggard and bleary-eyed. As you groggily grope your way to the coffee pot, you notice that your abs are mildly sore when you move a certain way.


Suddenly you remember why, you throw that sleepy head of yours back with laughter & it starts up all over again. Bursting into laughter at something that happened yesterday — one of life’s simple pleasures, one of the best feelings ever.




Who or what was it that sparked your last belly-shaking, tear-jerking laugh? (Knock-knock jokes welcome.)

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