Humming a Tune

Would it kill you to stop doing that?


That’s a demand hidden in the form of a question (real subtle like) that I’ve heard with disquieting regularity throughout my life.


See, I have a constant jukebox in my head. And by constant, I really do mean most of the time. Scientists refer to this as being infected by an ear worm. Sounds about right.


Unlike most people, I can’t carry a tune by forcing breath through that small gap between my lips to save my life.  Even after 30+ years of me trying to whistle the theme song of  The Andy Griffith Show, any attempt to do so for my husband (a smug & accomplished whistler) elicits hysterics from him to this day.


Nor do I sing particularly well. So I favor humming. And in the dubious distinction department, I am arguably a contender for the most annoying hummer.


Try as I might, I just can’t put a cork in it. Is there a specific OCD category relegated for humming? I wonder. Or a Hummers Anonymous?


Hi, my name is Cindy O’Krepki & I’m a hummer.


Over the years, the strength of my friendships has been tested. While my chums have given up silencing me altogether, from time to time, they still try to steer me away from the replay button in a vain attempt to nudge me off the loop tape.


Once during the holidays, my friend Brenda finally had it with me humming Santa Clause is Coming to Town as if it were the most serious of concertos or the most sacred of hymns & told me so with a certain girl-friendly candor.


Here’s how bad it really is: Though my niece chose an alternative song than the traditional wedding march to walk up the aisle on her big day, I still found myself humming it (by association) for weeks following her wedding.


With my vulnerabilities in the auditory department, I unconsciously pick up any & every song playing as background music in a store or an elevator & hum it until another tune takes its place.


Rarely does my obsession involve the music of the day. Commercial jingles from yesteryear play on a non-sensical loop tape. And oddly enough, my subconscious selections often lean toward the patriotic like The Halls of Montezuma & America the Beautiful.


Following the Olympics, it took weeks to finally get The Star Spangled Banner out of my melon.


But before you call for a strait jacket, I just may be onto something. I have it on somewhat of an authority (Dr Oz- HA!) that humming:



Live Life Well


Hello  & Welcome!

I'm Cindy & so very delighted

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It's a renewable source of things we all just seem to love: life's little joys, charmed moments, and everyday epiphanies that strike a chord.


SPEL's also a happiness-enhancing strategy, a continual reminder to notice & relish ordinary, everyday experiences. (And luscious details matter.)


Join over 6,000 SPELers for highly-classified happiness secrets here.  Because you deserve to love your life, truly, madly, deeply.



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Lovin' the Town You're With

So, you really can hum yourself happy. Who’s crazy now?


Why not go for some slap-happy humming for its health benefits & hum until your heart’s content?


In gratitude to the one credible witness of my sanity, I think I’ll hum my way out of this post to the theme music of The Dr. Oz Show.



I seriously need a support system! Comment if you’re a hopeless hummer (& be kind  if you are endlessly annoyed by one).


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