Flying Colors

Funny thing happened on our way to some red, white & blue fun on the 4th of July in Crested Butte, CO: While holed up in a little western motel in Gunnison, my husband & I were shocked out of dreamy slumber with what could only be described as sonic booms.



Live Life Well


Hello  & Welcome!

{Deep in the heart of Gunnison’s cowboy country, even us city-slickers couldn’t help but  channel our inner cowboys while taking in the views.}


To confirm the world wasn’t coming to an end, we dashed outside in only our jammies to discover the early morning launch of a hot air balloon rally right next store. Apparently, the oldest successful human-carrying flight technology makes some high-decimal noise when its burner unit gasifies liquid propane, mixes it with air & ignites.


Here’s proof that we weren’t just dreaming sans the ear-piercing surround sound. (And while enjoying the photos, why not practice some radical kindness by recalling the times in your life when you soared & came through with flying colors?)

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