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Every year I live adds a year to who I am.

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This is it, baby. Your birthday. That one special day each year when you reflect on the day your amazing journey began.


Lower your shoulder & smash through the wall that prevents you from honoring your birthday as much as you do others – say, your kids, your spouse, or your best friend, for instance.


Raise a ruckus. Uncork something. Exude a celebratory vibe.


There’s no occasion better suited to spoiling you.


Times like these call for crashing cymbals, dancin' shoes & shows of affection.


Whoops, cheers & smiles from ear to ear.


And  full-out  a cappella  renditions of  Happy Birthday to You! Broadway-beltin’ style.

 "An Amazing Life Story..."

Take it all in. This is no time for false modesty.  Just unself-conscious joy.


The word birthday in itself implies that annual celebrations of your life must be squeezed into 24 hours. But just one day? Really? That’s not nearly enough time to celebrate you.


You could start the palooza the day before & party forward to the day after, guaranteeing enough of a hullabaloo to congratulate yourself for successfully turning over another year.


Or, if you’d rather — quietly lavish continuous small treats on your birthday boy/girl self.


You’re worth all the attention. You were born. This is reason enough to make a fuss of epic proportions & summon your dreams to carpe annum.


(Of course, carpe  annum  means  seize  the  year,  but my husband, who relegates sweets to special occasions, loosely translates it to mean “seize the cake”. )



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