Being a Part of Someone's First

Some things just can’t be described in words &  pictures don’t do them justice. You just have to experience them for yourself.



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 Crested Butte, CO

I love the thrill of exploration & aspire to live by the motto: Why travel anywhere twice until you’ve been everywhere once? However, exceptions are made to this guiding philosophy for the pure, unadulterated joy of orchestrating first-time experiences for people I love.

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Ribbons of river: Such is the visual splendor of Crested Butte — a constant delight for the eyes.

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Who can resist their wide-eyed looks of wonder when they inhale their first lungful of mile-high mountain air?


Or take in their very first glimpse of an IMAX-scale view of the Rockies?


Or the lilt in their voices when they spot bull elk establishing their dominance during the rutting season?


Or the bounce in their steps when they walk toward a herd of sure-footed mountain goats on a 14er?



First times are sacred.


Being Part of Someone's First

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Locking horns for the ladies in Estes Park, CO

The thrill of witnessing their faces light up while on a knee-deep snowshoe adventure in the backcountry; soaking in a mineral-rich, magna-heated hot spring on top of a mountain; or trekking across a glacier in the middle of July makes me question why I didn’t choose a career as a tour guide.

A soak on top of the world, Strawberry Hot Springs at Steamboat  Springs, CO (6,732 ft)


Truth be told, there’s nothing more selfishly delicious than watching someone enjoy an experience you knew they’d love. For me, the palpable joy of observing others take in the western landscape for the first time is so intoxicating; my anticipation is off the charts.

A peek at the San Juan’s through a café window in Telluride, CO

As someone who fancies myself a dopamine-boosting curator of memories, I enjoy Colorado most when tour-guiding my friends & family from out of town to must-see spots knowing their memories won’t end when they put their suitcases away.

Crested Butte, CO

Now maybe you beam & gush while watching your toddler take her first lick of an ice cream cone or hold his first sparkler. Since almost everything is new to knee-high humanity, how can you help but be beside yourself when in their company?


Witnessing their wide-eyed wonder has to be one of the great rewards of parenting & grandparenting. I can speak from experience that it's one of the great rewards of aunting.


Or perhaps your heart swells as you observe the perpetual smile of a fanatical football fan attending their first NFL game or hear the oohs & aahs of a landlocked Midwesterner as they take in their very first glimpse of the ocean.  Priceless.


In the end, we seem to appreciate experiences more than things, & few activities rival being along for the ride during someone else’s virgin experiences. The joy of any experience is magnified when shared, don’t you think?


Getting in on someone’s first is an investment of memory—a small piece of time they (nor you) will ever forget.


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